From WBSS legends' lips

Check out some of the best quotes from warriors of the World Boxing Super Series.

March 29th, 2022

Here are some of the most inspirational, motivational, and funny quotes from the World Boxing Super Series.

“I am feel, I am very feel!”

Aleksandr Usyk’s immortal quote after being asked how he felt a day prior to facing Marco Huck in Berlin, the first bout in the World Boxing Super Series

“Those are the most difficult rounds I’ve had in my career.”

Usyk after his semi-final against Mairis Briedis

“I am not the greatest of all time yet, but that is the goal.”

Naoya Inoue after claiming the Muhammad Ali Trophy in Saitama, Japan

“Watching Inoue, you get the feeling that he knows exactly what the other person is trying to do, like a master of ancient martial arts.”

Former Japan flyweight champion Ishii Ichitarō

“I will look for the KO, I’m gonna finish him!”

Naoya Inoue before entering his quarter-final against Juan Carlos Payano.  A lighting-fast left-right combo floored Payano after 70 seconds!

“I am so excited to be in the WBSS. This tournament makes me 20 years younger.”

Nonito Donaire

“I’ve been visualising lifting that trophy, all the belts around my waist. Posing for the pictures at the end of the fight with the belts and the trophy.”

Josh Taylor before winning the Muhammad Ali Trophy

“For me, I’m flying right now. I’m in a dream right now. I am now a world champion and nobody will ever be able to take that away from me. I do feel like I’m kind of special. I’m not gonna lie.”

Regis Prograis after defeating Kiryl Relikh in the Season II Super-Lightweight semi-finals

“Once we are all dead and gone I’ll still be there. I want to be up there and considered one of the greats, I am chasing immortality basically. I’ve studied all the greats like Joe Gans, Jack Johnson, Sugar Ray Robinson, they are dust and ashes, but we are still talking about them. For me, that’s what I am working towards. I can be one of my idols.”

Regis Prograis

“He doesn’t have the speed, his defense is poor and his stamina is average at best. The fact that he’s lacking in those things means he won’t be able to compete with me. I’m not a stepping stone. I’m Mount Everest and you’re not going to climb me.”

Chris Eubank Jr before the Season I Super Middleweight semi-final against George Groves

“All the talking is done. I’m sick of talking. I’m ready to fight. This is the most prestigious fight I’ve ever been involved in. It’s a must win for me. An absolute must win.”

George Groves after the weigh-in before the Season I Super Middleweight Final versus Callum Smith.

“I’m very honoured and humbled to be fighting for the Muhammad Ali Trophy here in Munich. I’m going to dedicate it to his memory by winning it and go down in history.”

Yuniel Dorticos before the Season II Cruiserweight Final versus Mairis Briedis.

‘”The World Boxing Super Series is the best guys in boxing all fighting against each other. It doesn’t happen enough and I’m in this game to prove I’m the best. I believe Baranchyk is one of the best in the division but I’m fully confident I’m going to win on Saturday.”

Josh Taylor before his quarter-final against Ivan Baranchyk

“I am a warrior on my shield. I came to Japan to take the Muhammad Ali Trophy. I promised my sons they would see it in the morning. And with tears in my eyes, I humbly asked Inoue to borrow it for a night, not for me but for my word.

“It’ll be a life lesson my boys will soon learn. That you do your best and you come short. You will win. You will lose. But in either aspect, you will do so graciously. It’ll pain them to see my face. They’ll kiss my wounds. They’ll see a trophy we don’t get to take home and understand what it means to want to train harder.

“And I told about the battle I fought. That I’d rather put my life on that shield than give up. And that we will ALWAYS fight.”

Nonito Donaire after the ‘Drama in Saitama’

Muhammad Ali Trophy winners:

Season I:

Aleksandr Usyk (Cruiserweight), Callum Smith (Super-Middleweight)

Season II:

Josh Taylor (Super-Lightweight), Naoya Inoue (Bantamweight),

Mairis Briedis (Cruiserweight)